We use the camera as a tool to capture a fleeting moment in the continuum of life of the world around us, both on land and under the sea.

Together, Allison and I are explorers, adventurers, observers, and visual diarist, and are constantly looking to capture those special moments in our natural world that create a sense of wonder and help define our place on planet earth.

Fish identification and creating a photographic database has become an all-consuming project. We lived in the Florida Keys for nearly twenty years so the Tropical Western Atlantic has been our focus. If you are looking to learn species or need images for projects or publications, our Fish ID Tropical Western Atlantic gallery holds over 5,000 images and more than 570 species as of this writing.

If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us and ask, we have nearly 30,000 images in our stock photos! *In many cases the image is one of a series, ask if you are interested in seeing similar photos.


Carlos & Allison Estapé

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