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The galleries ALL FISH TROPICAL WESTERN ATLANTIC & ALL FISH TROPICAL EASTERN PACIFIC are geared towards providing images that can be used for identification purposes. The photos are straight forward, normally a full side view of the species taken during daylight hours unless otherwise specified. Certain species like flounders and batfish will also have images taken from above. Whenever possible multiple images of the same species are shown to highlight differences between individuals, gender and life stage. Occasionally images show typical behavior for the species or closeup of identifying trait.

We do my best to properly identify each specimen with the help of D. Ross Robertson of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Dr. Benjamin Victor of the Journal of Ocean Science Foundation. Final responsibility for proper identification is ours.

All images are sorted by scientific name, then common name and location of where the image was taken, photographer and image number (ie. Aluterus monoceros, Unicorn filefish, Florida Keys, CJE_21601)

Almost all images have been taken in RAW mode and uploaded as 16-bit tif files and can be adjusted for white balance, exposure, color levels, orientation, cropping and some retouching if requested.

If you don't see what you are looking for on pricing when you go to CART, Please contact me for special licensing, pricing and usage.

We are proud to contribute images that will be used in free-access scientific publications for free with proper acknowledgement.

All images belong to Carlos & Allison Estapé and cannot be used without expressed written consent.